Botanique Site Plan

The Botanique site plan layout is designed in a diverging pattern, that makes full use of the triangular site to maximise distance between blocks. The nice part about the layout is that you get a choice of either landscaped garden & pool views, or unblocked views over the low-rise estates on the north side.

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Botanique Site Plan Layout :: Click to Enlarge

Botanique Site Plan LayoutBotanique @ Bartley Site Plan Layout . Tiered landscaping similar to Avenir

The Botanique site plan is divided into 4 thematic zones, starting with the Resort-like zone:

    01. Guard House
    02. Hilltop Drive
    03. Ginger Garden
    04. Arrival Fountain
    05. Hilltop Drop Off
    06. Tranquillity Pool
    07. Arrival Hallway
    08. Hilltop Lounge
    09. Alfresco Dining
    10. Hilltop Gallery
    11. Hilltop 50 m Lap Pool
    12. Hilltop Clubhouse
          – Private Dining Room (Upper Level)
          – Gym (Lower Level)
    13. Poolside Deck
    14. Cabana Crest
    15. Lotus Pond
    16. Sun Lawn
    17. Fitness Station
    18. Eco Garden
    19. Water Cascade Walk
    20. Water Cascade
    21. Water Deck
    22. Forest Stream
    23. Forest Island
    24. Family Deck
    25. Forest Deck
    26. Lazy Pool
    27. Green Deck
    28. Kids Play Pool
    29. Patio Bar & Dining
    30. Forest Clubhouse
          – Study Room
          – Reading Lounge
          – Games Lounge
    31. Stream Deck
    32. Aquatic Gum
    33. Foot Massage Pool
    34. Sculptures Aqua Bed
    35. Wellness Pool
    36. Sunset Lawn
    37. Herbal Pavilion
    38. Putting Green
    39. Reflecting Pond
    40. Tennis Court
    41. BBQ Pavilion
    42. Kid’s Play area
    43. Verdant Lawn
    44. Water Wall
    45. Meditation Walk


Botanique Bartley · Site Plan Layout

The Botanique site plan is beautifully landscaped, with an expanse of pools and water features in the centre, that flows around to the blocks at the corners, reminiscent of those at the Avenir condo. The units are lined around the perimeter, which creates a greater sense of space between blocks.

However it does mean that half the units get the West (afternoon) sun at an angle. But if you are among the early ones to book at the Preview, you should be able to get a unit facing the other way, north-eastwards.

The tennis court is tucked away in one corner, taking care of the noisier end of the site. A side gate at the end closest to Bartley MRT station, leads to the station a 4 minute walk away.

Botanique Site Plan :: Botanique Bartley Site LayoutArtist’s Impression · Botanique Bartley Site Plan · Pool


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Latest Update: Botanique is completely sold out. Thank you for your interest.